lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

Artículo en La Vanguardia

podéis leer un artículo mío en la vanguardia digital (en catalán)

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INDIGENE dijo...

Dani, I did click on the article. My Spanish is so poor! I wish I could read it. It looks like it was very interesting! Your work is beautiful!

yoon see dijo...

Congrats Dani Torrent!

Sorry, althought I don't understand it but I feel like this is a blog introducing your great work there!

There is a giveaway challenge just on from 1/12/08 to 8/12/08. Please drop by when you are free!

yoon see dijo...

Firstly, Happy birthday to you too Dani Torrent.
Thanks for your greetings too:)
No, my birthday is on 30th Nov.
The first day cover stamp just release on the following day 1/12/08.

yoon see dijo...

Pls. give me your address Dani Torrent, you really deserve this first day cover, since 1/12/08 is your special day-your birthday!

Don't worry, I have more sets here.

My email:

flower girl dijo...

Your art works are beautiful =)

Unknown dijo...

per l'article i el teu aniversariii!!!
ara tinc més temps per fer un cafetillo avisam quan vagis a llotja i em passo..

Rosalia Lerner dijo...

Li seu artigo, mas vejo algo tão maior na sua obra, que as palavras não alcançam!!

Patrick dijo...

Fantastic and creepy. Your work is beautiful, evocative, and full of emotion. Great!

Rosalia Lerner dijo...

Lindo trabalho, como aprecio sua linguagem!!!